Oct 8, 2014

Something everyone might find interesting from Digi Lit

10 Top Tips to help with Digital Literacy:

1. To make meaning from Google -use search tools and change reading level
2. Image search -search by colour and also usage rights are important to filter
3. Be aware of other search tools other than google, junior children can have sites which help with the spelling 'quintura'
4. instaGrok -shows key notes, where you have been and creates quizzes 
5. Google Doc search (tools in research)
6. anyquestions.co.nz or many answers.co.nz - working alongside a librarian from 9am to 3pm, will not give the answer will direct children to pages
7. Digital NZ -using all media
8. Epic -a TKI resource (good for research Inquiry's), needs a login best for older kids
9. Mix and Mash, a competition to reuse past stories for new students
10. Ask new questions, make it something that they have never heard before

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