Oct 9, 2014

Keeping Safe in the Online Jungle


Rebuilding Gallipoli in MINECRAFT

Auckland Museum Build  Programme for Schools

ABC 3D Interactive Gallipoli Resource 

Fast Facts - YouTube Playlist 

Volcano project with Minecraft

Build Weekends - the different stages of the 9 month Gallipoli campaign - first build - The Landing

Stage 1 build the world

Stage 2 - Student Exhibition

Stage 3 - release of world to download and interact with

Build based on a  photo - how to use a block to represent a photo

First build - The Landing - 

Used primary resources to reference e.g. designs ships, historical photos, maps,  accounts of the campaign (troop movements, battles) - the real events Recreating the landscape, the landmarks! 

So choises of the materials to use, to recreate the conditions e.g. bombproof shelters, 

Links to the 'conditions' - what was it like for these soldiers?  Think about the writing!!!

Break into teams to do the build - need to collaborate, need to agree, make choices - set up elf and peer assessment - is it accurate? How accurate is it? 

Check the time lapse video! 

Building the frontline, building the supply lines, problems at Gallipoli - shipping the water in - a perfect tool to get students thinking, about empathy, what was it like! 

Life of the soldier

During Anzac week - you can download the world - it becomes yours - Education kit comes with download pack with primary and secondary resources

Blogging Basics

Share your Classroom – Blogging Basics

Angela Lee

This presentation is on:  bit.ly/ulearn14blog
There are videos to help out.

How to create a blog:

·      Go to gmail account,
·      Go to www.blogger.com
·      Create a new blog.
·      The school needs to stay owner of the blog so you need to have a school administrator as an owner.

·      First time you can set up a blogger profile
·      Decide on a title
·      You need an address is it going to be just for this year or ongoing?
·      Once created it sits at the top.

Setup Posting on your blog via email:
Can set up email that goes straight to blog, great for the younger children. 
See slide show on link above for full details.

Blogger app on mobile devices means kids can upload to blog on the go.  Blogpress is a paid app that you can use too.

See Point England blogs and other blogs (addresses in slide show) for ideas on posts that you can do.

Good idea to share as a team what we are doing on our blogs so we pool our ideas and problem solve.

Can make posters etc with QR codes on them that take you to the blog.
 Put: Goo.gl  then paste in blog url and save image of QR code, can then drag it onto a poster.  See Slide show for full details.

Sign up for quadblogging which gives you 3 other classes to connect to. 

Remove navigation bar to stop children going onto “next blog” which may not be one you want your children to see.

See slides about making your blog look different to customize it, add gadgets etc.



Twitter Wall

Why not put a Twitter wall in the classroom, awesome!

Want to know more? Talk to Lizzie...

I'm the Boss of Me: In a self-managing learning envirnment


To create curiosity. Have a picture up on interactive whiteboard to stimulate thinking at start of the day

Compare contrast Map (SOLO)

Key Competencies are the key to create the most successful Learners
Need to be:

What was the most effective tool?

Student Planner
A system which has tasks which you have to complete by a certain deadline and reflect on what you have done or learned or need to keep working on.

This was created after inspiration from 'Emma Winder '

Where to start?

A Task Board is set up on their class page for the children to access online, but they will also get a hard copy to have in their book.

Term 1
Focus on modelling & scaffolding of how to work out your time tabling and fill out reflection

Have a meeting at beginning at start of the day on Monday

Keep a record of which areas kids need support in

Independent Learners
Planning how you want to do it and when
Choice in the way you can do things

Trialled quality controllers or QC's 

Twitter Wall

The Why?

  • Questioning eg. establishing prior learning
  • Responding to questions, thoughts and ideas (feed forward and feedback)
  • Sharing own thoughts and ideas
  • Reflecting on learning – next steps (plenary)
  • Creating experts in the classroom – peer learning
  • Checking in on personal enquiry
  • Evidence of learning
  • Social media in an educational setting (teaching children the responsibility that they have to be sensible on social media – digital legacy)

The How?
All have own profile pic/description of what things they like doing and a twitter handle 
Have a topic to tweet about
Just like twitter but on your wall instead and it's not online. Kids can make up their own handle & have either a blue card or a pink card.
Blue= tweet about your learning/reflections
Pink= response to someone else about their tweet.

NZ World War - Resources - ANZAC

Powerpoint is on it's way!