Oct 9, 2014

Blogging Basics

Share your Classroom – Blogging Basics

Angela Lee

This presentation is on:  bit.ly/ulearn14blog
There are videos to help out.

How to create a blog:

·      Go to gmail account,
·      Go to www.blogger.com
·      Create a new blog.
·      The school needs to stay owner of the blog so you need to have a school administrator as an owner.

·      First time you can set up a blogger profile
·      Decide on a title
·      You need an address is it going to be just for this year or ongoing?
·      Once created it sits at the top.

Setup Posting on your blog via email:
Can set up email that goes straight to blog, great for the younger children. 
See slide show on link above for full details.

Blogger app on mobile devices means kids can upload to blog on the go.  Blogpress is a paid app that you can use too.

See Point England blogs and other blogs (addresses in slide show) for ideas on posts that you can do.

Good idea to share as a team what we are doing on our blogs so we pool our ideas and problem solve.

Can make posters etc with QR codes on them that take you to the blog.
 Put: Goo.gl  then paste in blog url and save image of QR code, can then drag it onto a poster.  See Slide show for full details.

Sign up for quadblogging which gives you 3 other classes to connect to. 

Remove navigation bar to stop children going onto “next blog” which may not be one you want your children to see.

See slides about making your blog look different to customize it, add gadgets etc.

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