Oct 9, 2014

Rebuilding Gallipoli in MINECRAFT

Auckland Museum Build  Programme for Schools

ABC 3D Interactive Gallipoli Resource 

Fast Facts - YouTube Playlist 

Volcano project with Minecraft

Build Weekends - the different stages of the 9 month Gallipoli campaign - first build - The Landing

Stage 1 build the world

Stage 2 - Student Exhibition

Stage 3 - release of world to download and interact with

Build based on a  photo - how to use a block to represent a photo

First build - The Landing - 

Used primary resources to reference e.g. designs ships, historical photos, maps,  accounts of the campaign (troop movements, battles) - the real events Recreating the landscape, the landmarks! 

So choises of the materials to use, to recreate the conditions e.g. bombproof shelters, 

Links to the 'conditions' - what was it like for these soldiers?  Think about the writing!!!

Break into teams to do the build - need to collaborate, need to agree, make choices - set up elf and peer assessment - is it accurate? How accurate is it? 

Check the time lapse video! 

Building the frontline, building the supply lines, problems at Gallipoli - shipping the water in - a perfect tool to get students thinking, about empathy, what was it like! 

Life of the soldier

During Anzac week - you can download the world - it becomes yours - Education kit comes with download pack with primary and secondary resources

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