Oct 8, 2014

Student Choice,Student Voice: Facilitating Self Directed Learning

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Student Choice, Student Voice: Facilitating Self-Directed Learning


Why do it?
Fits with the managing self in NZ Curriculum
Fits with school's vision and values

How to start?
Started small with just one aspect 
Experimented with project based learning 
Choice of elearning tool. Let them explore before
E.g. Movie Maker, Powe Point, Photo story
Get them to come up with Pros & Cons PMIS on them  and revise their thinking 

Flexibility with seating
Set up computer stations
Choice of learning in groups, as individuals, buddies
Product choices for technology (built in background knowledge

Used Jackie Sharp (writing guru) ideas:
Allowed a choice of tools
Where they wanted to write
How they wanted to draft
Giant sheets of paper
Google docs
Recording your voice

Hard to manage so lots of different tick charts to manage so that everybody could have a fair turn on different device

Use Daily Five and adapt it:
Read to self
Read to someone
Work on words
Listen to reading
Work in writing (modified this to responding to reading)

Introduced choices in Inquiry Presentation methods:
Making models
Arranging the furniture
Kids arrange the furniture to how they want it 
Used de bono thinking hats to reflect on it after 2 weeks. Yellow/Black
Choices about where to work and who to work with unless they weren't making any learning progress

Maths Menu
Learning objective

Entree (basic skills - compulsory
Main Meal ( must have 1)

Dessert (voluntary)

Children plan their own programme for the week
Must do's
Can do's

Let the kids have input into a inquiry Planning negotiate as to what they want to focus on

Reflecting buddy to reflect on for the week and set goals for the week ahead. Check out 
The River of Learning video on Youtube

Goal Setting 
Smart Goals format
Learning buddies each term
Learning Conversations
Self Assessment based in research skills for inquiry

Social Agency
How can I use my learning to make a difference for someone else.

All kids have their own display space and be reflective on what to put up

Self and peer assessment

SOLO taxonomy
Study ladder

Choice still needs to be scaffolded
You need to be highly organised
Some children don't cope well with choice. Can use Evernote for this
Take time to build skills
 Give timelines and checkpoints
Check fir understanding
Students teach each other
Students teach teachers

Refine classroom spaces
Greater student involvement in assessment
Getting parents more involved

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