Oct 13, 2014

Future Learning: Programming, robotics and missions of code

Future Learning: Programming, robotics and missions of code


STEAM curriculum model:

Chn need cognitive flexibility – combining concepts, adapting to unfamiliar situations

Maker Movement – making things that you can imagine
Magazines: Wired and Make
Instructables website
Apps: DIY Make skills. Also has a badge system

Hour of code – Codecadamy

Raspberry Pi Community:
Raspberry Pi - $40 computer – plug in old stuff mouse, screen, cameras etc

EV3 mindstorm $800ish
scratch.mit.edu = Scratch – animations – on Raspberry Pi plus free app on iPad
Flappy game

In China, every child learns computer programming!

Game Design:
Kodable – iPad app – okay for younger chn if they can read
Game Press – designed for older chn. Can personalize it and use it to reinforce other learning in the classroom.

Romo – affordable $240. Comes with a base. Have to have iPod touch or iPhone. 8yrs +. Great for geometry.
Play-i. Uses Scratch to programme.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Alan Kay

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