Oct 13, 2014

iPad Literacy support options – Lynne Silcock

iPad Literacy support options – Lynne Silcock

Go to Assistive Technology for resources

eval: bit.ly/breakouteval

Assistive Technology (VLN)

Word Prediction

-       Spelling, productivity (flow), reading & editing
-       Writing vocabulary
-       Motor difficulties (less keystrokes)
-       Can disrupt writing for some students
-       Slow typing
-       Predict ahead

Go to iPad Settings and change settings to suit.

Speech Feedback

As you type (most)
Predicted words (most)
Review writtend work (editing – using iOS or app)

iOS speak selection
settings – general – Accessibility
Turn ‘speak selection’ on
Highlight/ select text
Depends on app
Long press
Double and triple tap

Best Apps reviewed:
IWordQ – most accurate but have to toggle between reading and writing
iReadWrite -
Spell Better – can insert pictures
Brevity – cheapest
Pictello – Book format

Speech Recognition

Suitable for everyone!!
Need to be careful about clear speech
May need a microphone in a noisy environment
Cannot give 100%
Has to be online to work

Bluetooth pairing option on iPads to use wireless headset
iPad default – hold close to mouth (all CAT tests)

Skills required
Think of what to say
Speak clearly
Speak the sentence fluently
Speak punctuation
Track delayed writing on screen
Read and review your work

Onboard iPad iOS dictation is better than any apps you can buy.
Good accuracy

If you have an iPad 1 or 2 (no microphone on keyboard) use Dragon (free!)
If you have an iPad 3 or 4 use in built iOS.

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