Oct 13, 2014

Robots and 3D Printers . . . a learning journey . . . with Colin Gover.

Robots and 3D Printers . . .  a learning journey . . .  with Colin Gover

Colin Gover Marina View School Auckland

Diamond Mind – local in Henderson $1800  185 degrees 3mm. Uses free software - Repetier. Single head.

Flashforge – import $2000 uses PLA. 265 degrees to melt.  110 degrees for the plate. 1.75mm. Comes with commercial software called Makerware. Dual head.

Hebal – manmade rock for carving

Don’t have air con on. Works better when warm.

Save as .stl files

Take and put on SD card and feed into 3D printer.

Use Inkscape to draw then put it on tinkercad and save as .stl file etc.

SculptGL is easier than Blender.

Use Paint to draw a Cookie Caster shape.

Arduino – free web programme. Language allows you to do lots of cool stuff.

Autodesk 3D iPad and laptop app


3D Scanner

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