Oct 7, 2014

Breakout 2 - Google Fest

Teachers make the difference - passionate, caring, creative, reflective, etc.
ipad apps and android apps charts - based on Blooms /SAMR model etc.

- people believe this makes effective teaching, but we don't believe that -

Teachers who can be replaced by a machine(app), should be.

SAMR Challenge - see this link for details:

Challenge - to use SAMR Model to create something
also given learning outcome, google apps, wild card and levels of SAMR

Task - to complete 4 learning tasks at each level of the SAMR Model we have 15 minutes.  Present to whole room at the end.

The link above is what some of us came up with.  It was a pretty amazing and interactive task - good ideas, good humour and lots of collaboration and sharing.

LevelDefinitionExamples Functional Change 
Substitution  Computer technology is used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers.Students print out worksheet, finish it, pass it in.No functional change in teaching and learning.  There may well be times when this the appropriate level of work as there is no real gain to be had from computer technology.  One needs to decide computer use based on any other possible benefits. This area tends to be teacher centric where the instructor is guiding all aspects of a lesson.
 Augmentation    Computer Technology offers an effective tool to perform common tasks.Students take a quiz using a Google Form instead of using pencil and paper.There is some functional benefit here in that paper is being saved, students and teacher can receive almost immediate feedback on student level of understanding of material.  This level starts to move along the teacher / student centric continuum. The impact of immediate feedback is that students may begin to become more engaged in learning.
 ModificationThis is the first step over the line between enhancing the traditional goings-on of the classroom and transforming the classroom. Common classroom tasks are being accomplished through the use of computer technology. Students are asked to write an essay around the theme "And This I Believe...". An audio recording of the essay is made along with an original musical soundtrack.  The recording will be played in front of an authentic audience such as parents, or college admission counselors.There is significant functional change in the classroom.  While all students are learning similar writing skills, the reality of an authentic audience gives each student has a personal stake in the quality of the work.  Computer technology is necessary for this classroom to function allowing peer and teacher feedback, easy rewriting, and audio recording.  Questions about writing skills increasingly come from the students themselves.
 Redefintion         Computer technology allows for new tasks that were previously inconceivable. A classroom is asked to create a documentary video answering an essential question related to important concepts. Teams of students take on different subtopics and collaborate to create one final product.  Teams are expected to contact outside sources for information. At this level, common classroom tasks and computer technology exist not as ends but as supports for student centered learning.  Students learn content and skills in support of important concepts as they pursue the challenge of creating a  professional quality video.  Collaboration becomes necessary and technology allows such communications to occur.  Questions and discussion are increasingly student generated.

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  1. Lorraine's laptop battery died so here's the rest of GoogleFest @ ULearn 2014


    S = Substitution
    A = Augmentation
    M = Modification
    R = Redefinition


    Project Naptha – edit newspaper like texts
    Video Notes
    Story Builder – for narratives and speech marks
    Pick a Path – can also make a school map which is interactive with embedded youTube clips
    Photo Blog
    Dictanote PRO Demo – Settings NZ, say full stop, say comma etc.
    eBuddies with a school in another city/town – made rubber band go karts. Used padlets, eDiary, Book Track, Go Pro to learn about fair testing
    Goggle Hangout – TeachMeetNZ