Oct 7, 2014

Creating a classroom without walls through the integration of ICT

Presented by Bec Attard & Jess Green
Twitter: @NoWalls14

Manor Lakes College, AUSTRALIA

The best teacher is the best thief!

Nearpod   (PGYRO)

Drag and drop to make the presentation. Make it in PowerPoint and drag and drop into nearpod. Quizzes, polls, drawing ideas, question starters.

Email LIs out the night before on Gmail.
Flipped classrooms = chn watch videos at home and do the work with support at school.

TodaysMeet = live chat room: todaysmeet.com
Create own class URL so therefore it’s restricted.
Sign up using Google Accounts so you can use the app for the year.

Edmodo – engaging students in what they are learning/ getting their attention
Reflecting on what they posted yesterday / commenting on each other’s reflections – Posting completed work, answering questions, writing reflections, commenting on other’s reflections
Creates Team positive attitude
Sharing out of school achievements
Preparing students for future learning
Whole class lessons:
Cyber Safety
Submitting work
Publishing work

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