Oct 7, 2014

Digitized Daily 5

Below notes based on the above Prezi as presented by Caroline Bush at this breakout - @CaroBush + http://www.pinterest.com/carob70/

Also check out the googledoc 

Check out 'The Book Whisperer' by Donalyn Miller - Please Read! Then read 'Reading in the Wild'
Check out Seven Lane - Foreword by 'The Sisters'
See the three types of readers
How to gage interest, attitude, motivation, engagement 
Best way to find this out- run a reading log program/reading interest  

(think about fluency) Does one novel fit all?
Get rid of the groups!!!

PROBE results went up!!!!!!!!

Read To Self - 

check out Book track - to overlay music and sound affects
PM - app $18 but perfect for home reading (Junior) (paper book = $9 - $18 = 200 books)
Sunshine online also (great way to resource your reading program)

Read To Someone - 

Sock puppets - great for ESOL
Telagammi - avatar see SAMR blogpost
Storyline Online - actors reading + text on screen

Writing - Work on Writing 

- Kidblog (walled garden)  - teacher signup and then use of class code - warn parents that the blogs will not be perfect (proofed). Great engagement from students to write their own stories on their blogs anytime anywhere morning, evening after school, on holiday
- Blogger - good for google environment - works well with hapara - maybe draft in google docs/kidblog, then publish in blogger (= porfolio!!)
- Story Jumper - can publish in hardback! Can flick links off to parents and then they published to hardback and give as presents
- Storybird
kidblog/blogger good for advance writiners Story Jumper/Bird better for younger years
Check the Literacy Shed!!! Video clips, story starters - fantasy shed, fairy shed - a goto as a resource for reluctant writers!!!
Poplet - great for brainstorming - add photos, you can share it
Padlet - also great - notice board feature

Word Work 

- boggle - dice - phsyical format + there some apps around
- whirly word - ios - great for word study - broden their vocab
- chicktionary (sound is grating!) - year 1 -3?
- 4 pics 1 word  (some adds) free apps now has a 'word of the day' (watch out for shared device a nd coins

Part of Daily 5 Weekly - Ran a book club - 

A: you can monitor who is reading what
B: you create hot property books!

Had to teach - how to collaborate in a book club  - crossed over with juniors

Pull out the group - for the skills - no need for the same text - pull out a dominant character from each book, they are reading their choice - see the conversation inflate!!!

See the example of reading Geronimo Stilton - Wimpy Kid to 'Fourth Stall' - a great progression - the trust model of letting them read their favourite they carried on - do the inventory at the start of the year then track it in term 2/3/4 (use google form)  

The difference when you get the choice

Speed Dating with reading -
line up, time on a minute - one line stands still the end line runs to the end. - talk about the dominant character, the style of writing, the conlcusion , the characters,


Just like original DAILY 5 - training, timer 1 min, then 2 min. Compare to the marathon, soccer, ballet drills. It is practice for the end of year /tournament. 

Soooooooo different to Drop everything and read. 

Building the Stamina of the ENTIRE class "well done everyone, we red for 3 mins!" What shall we go for next. 


Strategies to find a book - 
"What's your purpose?" 
"To build my stamina"
"Do think this will be a good one? Do you understand, would you enjoy this book?" 

DAILY 5  is the vehicle - teaching the skills (group/individual) 
CAFE is the fuel 
DONALYN MILLER is the road

Comprehension - so use their own books, ask the questions - match to their Best Fit choice no need for guided books 

Accuracy - run groups to run word work 

Fluency - listening to others, listening to 

Expand Vocabulary - using post it notes, using padlets - tick up marks (house points?) Spelling - a better way to understand how the words work  - what about spelling journal? 


Get your class library sorted!!! Utilise the local library (National Library -  Paula Eskett @librarypaula) 

Get points from scholastic - get over the staple issue

Could use an evernote folder for each child, gather photos, gather videos (or hapara/google classroom) 

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